Frequently Asked Questions

How should I care for my yarn?

Hand wash your completed projects in cool water, using gentle detergent. Roll them in a towel and squeeze to remove excess water, then lay flat to dry.

What is the put up of your yarn?

Yarn is supplied twisted into skeins. In order to use your yarn, you will need to wind it into cakes or balls.

Do you supply your yarn to bricks and mortar stores?

Currently Birdhouse Fibres yarn is only available online. We welcome wholesale enquires. Please contact us at birdhousefibres if you are interested in stocking our products. 

Can you help me select yarn for a project?

Yes! Just contact me at birdhousefibres - I will happily suggest yarn combinations for you, or send pictures of colours side by side to help with your selection.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Refer to our Shipping Policy page for details.